Using promotions teams as a strategic part of your marketing plan….

Companies these days are always looking to make their product and company stand out from the crowd, with the market saturated with products it is hard to give your company the chance to really shine and stand out from your competitors.

A lot of companies turn to traditional media advertising, but we all know this can be a very expensive way to market your product and it often doesn’t reach your target market, as you get a lot of what we like to call wastage! These days social media is taking over the world and businesses are also jumping on the bang wagon to communicate directly with their consumers, however although a fantastic tool we don’t feel it is very personable and these days too many people are stuck behind a computer screen and don’t communicate.

Have you ever thought of using promotional models to target your audience? The great thing about them is they can literally target who you want them to target, they also create massive brand awareness and give your company and product a personality. It is proven that communicating with a perspective customer is much more likely to make them buy.

You can hire 4 promo models for a whole day for the same price as an advert in a magazine. What is also great about advertising your company in this way is; promotional teams can also gain data from your target audience giving your sales teams something tangible to target with telemarketing or even e-marketing. This gives you two or more opportunities to sell rather than just the one when placing an advert in print.

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